A Power Framework For Smart Electricity Decisions

With the energy sector on the cusp of a technological revolution, electricity planning will only get tougher and more complex. The decisions we make today will have a long and lasting impact.

We need to get electricity decisions right.

To do so, the Ontario Electricity Stakeholders Alliance, a group of energy consumers, businesses, producers and distributors from across Ontario, have developed a Power Framework. With eight recommendations, the Power Framework provides the roadmap Ontario needs for smart electricity decisions through the following principles:

  • Transparency: A plan to restore confidence in an open, accountable system with an engaged Legislature and rules that respect the public’s right to be informed;
  • Competition: A commitment to competitive processes that help support lower costs for both government and electricity consumers;
  • Objectivity: A commitment to smart electricity decisions informed by rigorous cost-benefit analysis, objective procurement criteria and competitive processes that ensure Ontario ratepayers are getting the best value; and
  • Independence: A process where independent agencies like the IESO, OEB and Ontario Electricity Safety Alliance are appropriately resourced to make independent decisions and held accountable by the provincial Legislature.

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